General Wire

Drawn Wire production is at the heart of the Company’s business activity and important volumes are produced and imported within a range up to 8.0 mm to service such diverse markets as spring making , cold heading and more general fabrication. Our focus is on the popular 300 series austenitic grades with 430 offered as a more general purpose material. Tensile ranges from half hard to cold heading are supplied with bright and matt luster finish. Wire is supplied in coils, on spools or cut to length.

Grades Usage
304CU Cold Heading
303 Machining
304/L General Wire
310H Heat Resistant
316/L General Wire, Corrosive Resistant
316Ti Corrosive Resistant at Elevated Temperatures
321 Corrosive Resistant at Elevated Temperatures
430 General Purpose Wire

Spools – Fencing wire supplied on +/-15kg Wire Baskets 0.9mm-1.6mm

Wire Coils- Dimensions    
    900ID .4.0mm-8.0mm
    600ID 1.6mm-4.0mm
    250ID 0.9mm-1.6mm

Straight Lengths –       Maximum Length-4m          2.0mm-8.0mm

Condition Designation Tensile Range
Soft +-750 MPa
Half Hard +-830-1030 MPa
Full Hard +-1500 MPa
Cold Heading +-700 MPa

Conditions & Form Available
1. Bright drawn finish
2. Clean matt luster finish

  DIN16 DIN20
A 160 200
B 128 160
C 100 125
D 22 22
E 160 200