Local Production

WPSSP is the sole South African drawer of stainless steel wire and long products, which can be produced to client and international specifications.

“Our general and fine wire is produced at our facilities using only the best raw materials and consumables, such as natural diamond dies, to ensure the surface finish of our products is second to none,” Thanks to the adoption of the stainless steel manufacturer Novametal’s procedures, WPSSP is recognised as a premium producer of spring wire in the industry, With the quality of our product and a multitude of international certifications, we offer the global market the highest level of service without losing sight of each customer’s specific requirements, says WPSSP director Tanya Papadopoulos

Novametal, has added the financial and technical strength that has enabled the company to become a competitive domestic producer of stainless steel.

The company’s relationship with Novametal, as well as the use of high-quality raw material, has also enabled it to almost cover the entire local consumption of stainless steel bars up to 30 mm, using three dedicated Shumag lines.

This partnership also complements the more than 30 years of experience in supplying the local market with material to produce cold-formed fasteners and complex parts.

Meanwhile, with continued research and innovation, the company has developed multiple solutions for the stainless steel welding market.

The company can produce and supply a range of stainless steel grades, including 430, a non-hardenable steel containing straight chromium; 431, which has excellent impact strength at high hardness levels; 304Cu, which allows for operations such as cold heading, thread rolling and improved machining; and 316L, which is a marine-grade stainless steel.

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